The TOTAL Book

Tenets Of Truth for Atheist Living

"Because why should only the faiths deserve a sacred scripture."

Tenet Ten


1 Death casts no specter over us. It is only the cessation of awareness – akin to sleep. 2 Neither pain nor pleasure waits beyond the grave’s threshold, only extinction – the returning to the state in which one was some billions of years before birth. 3 Comfort each other with this truth when we in eulogies speak of our departed, 4 all the while taking measures to preserve their genetic material.

 5 In this manner do we elaborate on a plan for eternal life, based solely on rationality and human genius to the exclusion forever of the bankrupt promises of immortality offered by the olden faiths: 6 That we shall instruct our children to instruct their children, ad infinitum, that when the science wherefore is to be availing, when our species has become adept in the working of space and time, to fetch our memories from hither our day and append them to living analogues of our anatomy in thither their time.

7 Therefore, institute measures for the safeguarding of your individual genetic data unto perpetuity, or make instructions for your survivors to do so, making way to the replication of your anatomical and mental identity in yonder ages.


8 Early shall we inculcate in children a love for evidence, extolling its value over make-believe faith; 9 and when they entreat you for stories, you shall tell them of the epic heroes of science and humanity, forsaking altogether the saints and prophets of fable. 12 Teach them how to disagree with the opinion of adults in ways respectful and charming. 

10 Enjoy sex in any manner or form you prefer it provided it harms no person whosoever. 11 Make it no business of yours how others enjoy sex in the manner and form they prefer it provided it harms no person whosoever. 12 Be not silly or redundant. remember that obsession with the private sex life of other individuals – which they do privily to the injury of no person whosoever – is already the work of priests and imams. Have nothing to do with this.

13 Unite your existence with nature, because from her for a surety can we derive awe, wonder and astonishment in boundless reserves – which feelings nourish the heart. 14 Situate your dwellings amid groomed gardens, neigh to the enormities of mountains or glens or lake or sea, for it is from bloom and blossom that we experience complexity, and from landscapes grand that we learn majesty. 15 Make footpaths amid the greeneries of ancient trees, or windswept glades, or boulders, to often walk or meditate therein – and understand tranquility, forsaking not to drink of the nostalgia of sunset. 

16 In such manner of dwellings desire ye to live together, taking care of space – for it is in community that we wax strong, in proximity that we better our reciprocal concern, and in unity to we become relevant to the cosmos. 

17 Your virtues shall not be those of the olden faiths that have fostered nothing but darkness and discrimination. 18 Shun the unquestioning faith and blind obedience which have been the death of millions. 19 But in all things all your days walk by these virtues: reason, evidence, compassion, relevance, credibility, health, fairness, amour for life, and sense of history. 

20 Prayer to a deity is as good as doing nothing. And if one says, but i did do something, then he needed not to pray to start with. 21 Everything that happens has a physical cause. 

22 In your lifetime, strive to contribute something to science or society or both, cowering not to opposition. 23 To be wrong is not scientific misconduct—few disciples of science will make it through their careers without making errors. 24 The success and integrity of science rests on a culture of openness, by means of which such errors are eventually exposed and corrected. 25 It is our sacred duty as agents of reason to call attention to the purveyors of trickery and to uncloak charlatans. 

26 Once people convince themselves that they have been put on Earth as instruments in some divine plan, there seems to be no limit to the horrors they are willing to commit to carry out that plan. 

27 How silly for a man, being hungry, to find a fig tree out of season expecting fruits therefrom, and rather than walk away at realizing his ignorance for agriculture, furthermore to curse the tree. If this be silly for a mere man, how childish must it be for some god or messiah to do likewise . 28 To curse a tree to nevermore bear fruit is a pointless waste of power that could have otherwise been used to solving the problems of the world, like war. 

29 A strong religious experience and a hormone rush feel very much alike. It is as certain as an axiom that spiritual episodes are only the assault of chemistry upon the brain. Nevermore be misled in this regard. 

30 Do not label your children with the same labels you attach to yourself. Wait for them to choose those labels for themselves, if they will. 31 And rather than what to think, teach them how to think. 32 Children should know that non-belief is also an option.

33 Not too long now will blind faith see its twilight, and, inevitably, reason shall dawn






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