The TOTAL Book

Tenets Of Truth for Atheist Living

"Because why should only the faiths deserve a sacred scripture."

Tenet Six
1 This shall be an adage among ourselves forever, that to best know what is true and trustworthy of the world and ourselves, we consult the best available evidence and them alone.  2 We insulate our judgments from the influence of mere personal conviction however strong, from claims of supernatural revelation however divine, and from the duress of any subjective authority or cultural bias.
3 By rational inquiry alone can we uncover the true saga of our genesis, and indeed of any matter of value, tempered by experimentation and subject to emendation whenever warranted by a fresh maturer understanding, until we complete an ever more consistent view of reality that permits prediction of our world and allows the better ministration thereof.

4 Do not be perplexed to discover that the more comprehensible the universe becomes, the more it will prove to be without point. Such a fact is fearfully and wondrously liberating. 5 The faiths have had their chance and have utterly failed to prove the truth in olden accounts regarding our genesis. We desert these vacuous tales for the whimsical myths that they are.

6 Living entities become more common over successive generations if their traits make survival more likely and reproduction more successful. Parents pass these traits on to progeny, accumulating through long and gradual changes in the genomic sequence and resulting in the evolution of the lineage, while useless traits perish with the entities that bear them. 7 We remember that our kind is but a minor fraction of the varieties of off-spring which survived the perishing which befell such in the past as did not triumph over the stringencies of their ecology.
8 Know for sure that no sentient foreknowing element directed the inheritance of change or the perishing of species. It is a thing that proceeded without guidance, purpose or intent.
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