The TOTAL Book

Tenets Of Truth for Atheist Living

"Because why should only the faiths deserve a sacred scripture."

Tenet Seven

1 Consciousness and behavior spring from the elaborate neural machinery of the brain, the dynamics of which are largely shared by humankind given our common genomic history. 2 There is a shared universal repugnance for acts which we do not want done to ourselves or our beloved.

3 This is to be the only basis forever for a rational ethics for living: resolutely to shun behavior which brings harm or suffering upon others or ourselves, promote what cause the happiness of others and ourselves, and in all other things to let be.

4 Whereas the existent cannot spring from the non-existent, so sin as the violation of the will and fancy of a supernatural absolute is an utter and demeaning falsehood, a primitive construct invented by those who desire to dominate fellowman.
5 Nothing justifies the necessity to look to a supernatural source of morals to know that it is wrong for humankind to murder, cheat, steal, rape, or injure our fellow, or otherwise deal unto him whatever we rather they not deal unto us. 6 In short, worry not. One already has within him the wherewithal to know what is good or evil. It is an instinct our species has accrued over the vast millennia into our genetic constitution.
7 When a bystander rushes headlong into an inferno to save a stranger’s screaming child, know for a fact that it is not some golden rule nor ten commandments that drives him, but the impulse in his being towards compassion. 8 It is engraved within a woman to nurse her newborn, and the desire to do so requires no effort at all. To not nurse her infant requires the conscious will and act to contravene what nature compels her.

9 In order to flourish as successful individuals in our particular environments, know that empathy, cooperation, and reciprocity are ultimately contingent upon us.

10 Whereas humans have the ability for choice, the will is not free. It is but the interplay of the gene and society, neither of which is one’s own making. Know that the offender has hardly any command of his choices, and neither does the upright. Therefore, there is in all things much room for sympathy.
 11 Dismantle all prisons, and abhor all system of laws that for penalty consigns the offender to an environment that is worse than the one that made him. This is a vicious cycle that solves nothing. Explore therapy and neuroscience as penal solutions 12 Silence the barbaric cry to take life or eye from one who has taken life or eye, to injure limb of who has injured limb. Let the enlightened say, he who has taken a life must be called to give life; he who has impaired must be called to repair.
13 Let the nations ponder these and set laws thereunto.
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