The TOTAL Book

Tenets Of Truth for Atheist Living

"Because why should only the faiths deserve a sacred scripture."



Tenet Nine


1 Such ones as desire to live by these tenets must find community together, with each other, to be a circle of men and women of common persuasion. 2 It shall be as though these tenets were our rhyme and reason for fellowship, the center as it were to our sundry orbits. 3 They who are accomplished in debating these tenets against challengers set we as decision-makers unto us, without being superior to us.

4 It shall be, that during days of worship, we convene together in one place to recall these tenets and be refreshed by them.  5 A place in the green or russet of bare earth, amid open skies and hearty air, wherein we can touch base with the cosmos that gave us birth.

6 Know that humankind is the ultimate in what has been the long and arduous procession of life, the child of billions of years, if perhaps only for the moment, yet on no account presuming to be the endpoint of that procession.

7 Humankind is the form than which there is thus far nothing in the world more excellent that we know or have heard. In humankind resides the pinnacle of what life amid all its trials and tribulations can advance into. 8 Not that humankind is the greatest in individual parts, for there be far superior than their sight or hearing or extremity, but as a totality of being has become the utmost that natural selection has been able to achieve, and is the very archetype thereof.
9 Humankind therefore stands superlative as a species for their facility of language, ascendancy of intellect, tirelessness of invention. and compassion for lifeforms. 10 Its zenith place in the biological slope makes humankind the utmost being than which nothing is grander or more sublime. 11 Notwithstanding that humankind is neither the absolute nor the uttermost nor the almighty, just – and only for the time being – the finest.

12 It shall then be, that as a community of kindred persuasion, we shall worship and worship well, venerating humankind. 13 Which ought in no wise be astonishing, because worship is not the monopoly of the faiths, nor is veneration the exclusive province of the saints.

14 Awe and wonder are the entitlements of every human being, and inspiration is universal. 15 In worship we engage the sense of awe, wonder and inspiration entrenched in each of us, to give them expression as we please.

16 Venerate humankind we could, for there is no god, and there is nary a life–form between humankind and god who stands more deserving. 17 And venerate humankind we should, for in them dwells all the fullness of evolution in bodily form. 18 Venerate humankind we will, as the utmost vessel of biological life – thereby do we ultimately revere the principle that animates us and fills us with being, to stand amazed by its persistence to flourish despite improbability.

19 We venerate the life in humanity in means and ways that celebrate our ardor and fondness for it: by the providing of nurture, health, pleasure, and indulgence. 20 Let the communities ponder this and set guidelines thereunto.

21 It shall be, that on each day of worship, which is the forty-first of a month, on any day of the week it shall chance upon, we shall venerate such persons among us who were birthed upon that self-same weekday. 22 Know for a surety that such persons stand as symbols of all humankind upon that day. They shall be the object of adulation, devotion and reverence upon that day, offering things as commemorate life.

23 Set them in our midst upon seats of honor, and let no labor issue from them. 24 Wherefore also shall they hear our petition and act upon them as they can. 25 Food and drink shall we offer them for nurture, medicine and therapy shall we extend for health. 26 Make way unto them for the pleasure of sports and hobbies, a day for indulgence in much laughter and inter-course. 27 Celebrate their acclaim through verbal accounts and public affirmations of their deeds, for on these days we shall call them heroes.

28 On our days of worship ought we to ponder upon the meaning of life, which is not a universal meaning of life as though humanity was foreordained for a purpose. 29 The meaning of life is sublimely and intricately personal, given that it is what makes one’s brief existence purposeful and happy, different hearts understand this in different ways, none more right that any other. 30 Speak these to each other, affirming what is pure and true, correcting what is vague or twisted or greedy.

31 Whether it be to raise one’s child in health and comfort or to save the pelicans, revel in each others' purpose in life and realize that our being here for a moment has been worth noting.

32 Strive to bear children.

33 Appreciate sex for both its creational and recreational value, and for as long as you exercise responsible behavior, ignore what religions say about your partner.
34 Responsible behavior means we hurt no one, including one’s self.



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